Ignite Your Creativity | Spark 3: Take a Class!

pf_strawberriestHappy holiday weekend, friends. It’s been a whole week since I last wrote! The end of school year craziness has taken off and we are all super excited for summer break. We’ll be driving across the country in early June and stopping along the way at some new vacation spots. Once back in Colorado, summer camps will commence as well as our ‘summer checklist’ of fun things to do. Typically this includes short road trips, new parks, new coffee shops (my favorite) and outdoor gardening/DIY projects. I can’t wait! pf_doubleberry I also can’t wait to start Spark 3 of Carrie Bloomston’s book, The Little Spark: 30 Ways to Ignite your Creativity which is Take a Class. I have been putting this off for years… Why? I don’t know. So I’ve done it. I signed up for an Illustration/Picture Book class on Craftsy.com. Have you ever taken a class here? Craftsy offers super affordable online classes ranging from cake decorating to weaving to gardening. And, if the curriculum structure for all the classes is similar to mine, it includes seven, 20-40 minute video lessons that can be downloaded and viewed whenever/wherever convenient. My class was only $35! Lately, my biggest creative urge is to draw + write, so I think building up my illustration chops will feel really good. In addition to an online class, I’m looking at a class that takes me to a studio or classroom. Right now I’m trying to decide between Mixed Media Art Boot Camp or Poetry. What would you do? Or maybe I’ll just go and draw naked people once a week at drop-in life drawing class. If you’ve never done this before, I highly recommend it, and not just because there’s naked people. pf_maxfruit Oh, and the strawberries… another little project I’m trying is to #DrawEveryday, if even just a little bit. Particularly with my kids for relaxation time or for mommy wine time. I’ve come up with the idea for all of us to draw the same subject matter and share with you our different interpretations. This could get good. Last week I pulled out some week-old strawberries, explained what a still life was to two eager kiddos, then went to town. I had only 15 minutes while I was cooking, but it was so fun to just grab whatever materials (crayons, chalk pen, ink, colored pencil) were available and do it. As you can see, my son is super-advanced and has taken strawberry drawing to an abstract level that even art critics would admire. Have a great rest of your weekend and let me know if you’ve got any classes lined up!