Six years ago I started a food blog (hint: its the one you’re reading right now). I was thrilled to combine my passions for design and writing and I love(d) food, so why not, right? It was fun! Then life happened. Baby, move, work, exhaustion… and the blog quietly tiptoed to the bottom of my priority list. I could not find the time to cook the meals I wanted to and I also discovered I didn’t like writing recipes. That kind of puts a kink in things right there.

Frown Face.

Fast forward to 2015. Two moves, another kid and a bunch of soul-searching, life transformation-type stuff later, and I realized something: Food isn’t my thing! Well, isn’t my only thing.

I grew up as an artist in a family of artists. I spent my childhood writing, drawing, painting, creating and my young adulthood as a designer in Chicago and New York. Being creative was instinctual, natural and necessary; it flowed through my body and oozed out my fingertips with ease and consistency. But somewhere around the time I started “creating” other human beings, I began to lose that intrinsic, artistic aspect of my existence. I was so busy feeding, diapering, worrying and wiping there was no time for regular artistic expression. Of course, I didn’t realize this was happening, I was in love! I was focused on the needs of my family and this most amazing, beautiful part of my life kept me busy in a very different way that was every bit as fulfilling.

But times have changed. My kids are growing and so am I. I recognize that raw creativity flowing through their bodies and it inspires me. I see the opportunity I have now to create again, with my kids and on my own. The key is making the time for our essential, creative expression. So I’ve found my calling on this old blog of mine. For me, happiness and fulfillment includes a daily dose of creativity and inspiration whether it takes the form of a decadent chocolate cake recipe or a classic poem I’ve never read. One definition of food is: “something that nourishes, sustains, or supplies.” PoeticFood is my personal journey to feed my soul daily, and perhaps, inspire another to do the same.

Oh, I also co-own a strategic design and branding company called Handshoe Design Collaborative with my partner/sister. I currently live in Denver, CO with my two young children, husband and dog. We love it here.

Image by Willie Petersen. williepetersenphoto.com
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