Are you flexing your Imagination?


Welp, it’s been an amazing summer… full of fun, exploration, transformation and activity. It has also gone super fast and I’ve had little time to dedicate to the blog, or much of anything else for that matter. Kids take priority of course, keeping them busy, enthusiastic and providing those sticky, warm, never-ending summer memories. Or, at least I hope I’m doing that.

I’m sure that many of you share my sentiment about summer. It goes something like this: “Oh, I love summer! It’s so much fun with the kids and they are just growing so much. This time with them is so special. I love vacation and wine on the porch and s’mores and well, I just can’t wait for school to start again.”


Ahh, yes. Truly it is a battle of emotions. If, as adults, we could play all summer long and had no work, chores, projects, or to-dos, we could completely immerse ourselves in this season of intense play and imagination. We could live right in the moment, in every moment. But, it isn’t like that. So, finding the balance between work and play is key during the summer. It’s definitely a place I haven’t discovered yet, but I’m trying.

One way I’ve been finding balance is by flexing my imagination. I certainly live in the moment with my kids when we are playing, talking or figuring things out, but during those in between times, when I start to feel frustrated that something isn’t done or I can’t get to something… I just dream about it. Yep, good old day-dreaming. (Some may call it visualization.)

I know that when September rolls around, both my kids (for the first time!), will be in school full-time and my days will open up. I’ll have more than enough work to fill the time, but I’ll have the choice and the quiet to think and organize my days as I wish. If I am super productive, I can even tackle a home project or at least plan it appropriately. I literally day-dream about things like:

  • cleaning out my closets
  • creating art for my walls
  • refinishing furniture
  • going to yoga 3 days a week
  • getting a morning routine back in place
  • making fall treats and crock pot meals
  • updating my websites
  • having clean laundry put away in actual drawers

Yep, totally exciting stuff like that fills the void in my creative brain. However, it works. Suddenly, I feel more in control of my life and my plans and I get excited rather than frustrated. Within seconds, I am then back in beautiful chaos land and everything is messy, loud and coated with sticky, summer smiles… but its OK. I took a trip for a few minutes.

We actually all do a lot of imagination flexing around here. My kids are pretend pros and make up worlds all day long, methodically destroying any type of cleanliness or organization in my home, thus, my day-dreaming. At least they’re flexing! My husband recently started playing the piano again. He is teaching himself to play “Imagine” and hearing the music flowing through the house is such a treat for all of us. Everyone wants to play or sing or ask questions about music; pretend play takes off.


Both kids attended Imagine Camp at Denver’s First Unitarian Church a few weeks ago and loved it. They discussed peace, equality and acceptance while making wish boxes, writing letters to nursing home residents and making tie dyes. There was a lot of imagination encouragement there and I adore that.


As for me, aside from my day-dreaming, I do have a lot of creative projects stirring around up there in that head of mine. I dabble here and there in notebooks until more time is available, and it will be soon. I’ve also been soaking up ideas from blogs, printed publications and radio. Have you heard about Idea Boxes yet?

The Ideas Box provides individuals and communities isolated by disaster the tools to read, write, create and communicate. Each box unfolds to create a customized library and media center, with internet access and its own power source. Easily transportable, sturdy, and simple to set up, the Ideas Box empowers communities to construct an informed civil society and to pave the way for a self-reliant future.

Isn’t that amazing? I’d love to learn more.
What about you, what kind of imagination flexing have you been doing?